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Grace Notes
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2/18/2018   Give Your Heart Lamar Austin Download
2/11/2018   Guard Your Heart Lamar Austin Download
1/21/2018   Why We Are Pro Life! Lamar Austin Download
1/14/2018   Hope for the Hopeless Lamar Austin Download
1/7/2018   A man Under Authority Lamar Austin Luke 7:1-10 Download
12/24/2017   What's in your Family Tree Lamar Austin Download
12/17/2017   Common Misconceptions of the Birth of Jesus Lamar Austin Download
12/3/2017   Soli Deo Gloria Lamar Austin Download
11/22/2017   Justification=Faith+Nothing Lamar Austin Download
11/12/2017   Grace Alone Lamar Austin Eph 2:8-9 Download
11/5/2017   Thou Dost Protest too much Lamar Download
10/29/2017   Created Male and Female Lamar Austin Download
10/15/2017   Imitate Jesus Bob Manis Download
10/8/2017   Created in God's Image Lamar Austin Download
10/1/2017   Created by God Lamar Austin Genesis 1:27 Download
9/24/2017   The Best is Yet to Come Lamar Austin Ruth 4 Download
9/17/2017   Beautiful Scandalous Night Lamar Austin Ruth 3 Download
9/10/2017   Ruth 2 And it Just So Happened Lamar Austin Ruth 2 Download
9/3/2017   God is Always Working Lamar Austin Ruth1 Download
8/20/2017   Finishing Well Lamar Austin 2 Tim 4 6-8 Download
8/13/2017   Let the Lion Out Lamar Austin 2 Timothy 4:1-5 Download
7/23/2017   It was the Best of Times It was the Worst of Times Lamar Austin 2 Tim 3 1-9 Download
7/16/2017   The Gentle Art of Correction Lamar Austin 2 Timothy 2:23-26 Download
7/9/2017   Useful to the Master Lamar Austin 2 Tim 2 2-20 Download
7/2/2017   Handling Gods Word Correctly Lamar Austin 2 Tim 2 14-19 Download
6/25/2017   How to Endure Hardships Lamar Austin 2 Tim 2 Download
6/18/2017   Four Pictures of the Christian Life Lamar Austin 2 Tim 2 Download
6/11/2017   Multiply Disciples Lamar Austin 2 Timothy 2:1-2 Download
6/8/2017   2 Timothy 1:13-18 Logan McCourtney Download
5/28/2017   A Gospel Worth Suffering For Lamar Austin Download
5/21/2017   Live Courageously Lamar Austin Download
5/14/2017   How to Build a Legacy Lamar Austin Download
5/7/2017   Passing the Baton Lamar Austin Download
4/30/2017   Telling the Next Generation Lamar Austin Download
4/23/2017   What do I need to know about cults Lamar Austin Download
4/16/2017   Jesus Christ Incognito Lamar Austin Luke 24:13-35 Download
4/9/2017   The UN-Trimphal Entry of Jesus Lamar Austin Luke 19:28-44 Download
4/2/2017   What about the sign in Revelation 12 Lamar Austin Download
3/26/2017   What about Caiaphus prophecy Lamar Austin John 11 49-53 Download
3/19/2017   Standing for the Truth Logan McCourtney Download
3/12/2017   Good Works Rewards Jeff Neufeld 1Cor 3, Eph 2 Download
3/5/2017   There are Three that Bear Witness Lamar Austin Download
2/26/2017   What About Special Days & Holidays Lamar Austin Download
2/19/2017   What About Those Who have never heard about Jesus Part 2 Lamar Austin Download
2/12/2017   What about those who have never heard about Jesus part 1 Lamar Austin Download
2/5/2017   Disciples Making Disciples part 2 Lamar Austin Download
1/29/2017   Disciples Making Disciples Lamar Austin Download
1/22/2017   Celebrate Our Differences, Honor Our Oneness Lamar Austin Download
1/15/2017   Every Life is Beautiful Lamar Austin Psalm 139:13-16 Download
1/8/2017   Christ Centered, Grace Captured Missionaries Lamar Austin Eph 3:1-13 Download
1/1/2017   Entering into Joy or Judgement, the Parable of the talents Matt 25:14-30 Download
12/18/2016   Shepherd's of Bethlehem Bob Manis Download
12/11/2016   The Wise Guys Lamar Matt 2:1-18 Download
12/4/2016   Flowing with the river of grace Lamar 2 Cor 8:7-9 Download
11/20/2016   True Disciples Lamar Austin Luke 6:43-49 Download
11/13/2016   Judge Not Lamar Austin Download
11/6/2016   Hated for the Sake of the Gospel Lamar Austin Download
10/30/2016   7 Truths to remember this election season Lamar Austin Download
10/20/2016   Regeneration from Death to Life Lamar Austin Download
10/16/2016   Regeneration From Death to Life Lamar Austin Download
10/2/2016   Justfication Not Guilty Lamar Austin Download
9/25/2016   Another Example of Love Lamar Austin Download
9/18/2016   Radical Love Lamar Austin Download
9/11/2016   How to Treat Your Enemies Lamar Austin Luke 6:27-28 Download
9/4/2016   The Upside Down Kingdom of Blessing Lamar Austin Luke 6:20-26 Download
8/21/2016   Power and Popularity Lamar Austin Download
8/14/2016   A Few Good Men Lamar Austin Luke 6: 12-16 Download
8/7/2016   Lord of the Sabbath Lamar Austin Luke 6:1-11 Download
7/3/2016   Why Missions Lamar Austin Download

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