Fellowship Events

We believe it is imperitive for christians to gather together in support and fellowship with one another.  Times when we connect, love each other, and laugh together are so important in our daily walk.  Here are some of the events that have occured in the past year.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.


“Cowboy Buck’s National Ice Cream Day Celebration”

Lookin’ for a good way to kick the dust off your boots and cool off from the hot summer sun? GBC has the answer…ICE CREAM! Come celebrate Ronald Reagan’s presidentially appointed holiday on Sunday, July 21 at 5:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. You don’t need to bring a thing, except maybe your cowboy hat and bandanna. We got the rest, including all the fixin’s you can imagine for banana splits, brownie sundaes, sodas and floats. This is a great fellowship event for the whole family. Invite your friends and neighbors to this fun activity. Don’t miss this one! See ya there, pardners!

A Night on Noah’s Ark 

This family themed party featured dinner in the transformed fellowship hall, a couple small activities, and, of course, entertainment.  All ages loved this party! The committee  provided smoked pork butts (thanks, Brian Lang), chips, drinks, buns , and dessert. We came ready to laugh and share a wonderful meal together as a GBC family.  It was a great night of fellowship!


Coffee House

Great Music and Fellowship

Great Music and Fellowship



   GBC hosted it's very own "coffee house" in our fellowship hall.  The inspiration came from Adam and EJ Anderton and family, as a send off to move to South Korea.  There they hope to open a coffee house as a springboard to share their faith.  We had sandwiches, soup, cookies as well as flavored coffees and hot chocolate along with soft drinks.  In true coffee house fashion, we had  acoustic guitar and vocal performances throughout the evening.  It was a great evening of fellowship, one of the best we can remember.  Thank you for helping to make this evening special for the Andertons!

Annual Christmas Party

Annual Christmas Party


This year at our annual Christmas party we were privileged to hear some of our local musicians play a concert and had a wonderful time of fellowship and snacking. (photo courtesy Jessica Kropp)

Josh and Kendra Bradford's baby shower

Josh and Kendra Bradford's baby shower

Baby Showers

We have been blessed this year with many prayed for pregnancies!  How exciting to be able to shower our new parents with prayers and gifts.


Kite Flite

Last spring we had a wonderful time grilling out at the Herod's home while young and old came together to fly kites.  We were blessed with wonderful weather and great friendship. (photo courtesy Shirley Lang)