We are so excited to meet you and worship with you!  If you have never attended church or are looking for a church to help you grow further in your walk with Christ, we welcome you to come visit us.   


Becoming a Member

The Fellowship of Faith:  Any regenerated person who regularly participates in our worship and ministry is counted as part of our Fellowship of Faith.  Age, denominational background, baptism and other distinctions are not factors.  Instead, the believer who desires fellowship with us is considered one of us.  A person who is seeking to become better acquainted with our church, its ministries, and doctrines, is welcome.  If you are here, we want you to feel at home!

Membership:  Persons 19 years of age and older who have been born again and  baptized according to scripture, may be considered for membership in Grace Bible Church.  Members are counted on to support the church in prayer, in moral and ethical uprightness, in financial giving, in ministry, in consistent attendance, and in voting on crucial issues.  Youth and children under the age of 19 are considered part of the Fellowship of Faith until they are ready to accept the responsibilities of adult membership.


  1. First, you must be born again.

  2. You must have been baptized in water, or be willing to be baptized, in confession of your identification with Christ.

  3. You may request an interview by one of the Elders, or by the Pastor (who is one of the Elders).  You will be asked to recount your conversion experience and review our doctrinal statement.  The interviewing Elder will answer your questions about our church and explain our beliefs and distinctives.

  4. If you wish to continue the membership process, you will be given a Membership Covenant to read and sign.  On it you indicate your regeneration, baptism or willingness to be baptized, acceptance of our doctrines (or, if you disagree with any, your willingness not to act or teach against our doctrines), and your willingness to refrain from any divisive influence.

  5. Grace Bible Church does not accept transfers of membership from other churches; we will, however, inform your previous church that you have united with us, if you wish.

The Membership Covenant is available upon request at the Church office.